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American Gold Star Mothers (

American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. We’re an organization of mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the service of our country.

If you’re a member of the public, we participate in many memorial events around the country and you’re welcome to join us.

If you’ve lost your child in the service of the country and would like the community of others in your situation, we invite you to join us. No one knows how you feel like another mother who has lost a child.

Silver Star Families of America (

SSFOA is dedicated to supporting and assisting wounded, ill, injured and dying active duty and Veterans and their families of ALL Branches of Service from ALL Wars. Our goal is to recognize the blood sacrifice of wounded and those with injuries and illnesses originating in a warzone and remember their efforts by honoring them with the Silver Star Service Banner.  Qualifications  include:  Purple Heart recipients, victims of friendly fire, those who suffer from PTS, Agent Orange effects and Gulf War syndrome.  May 1 Silver Star Service Banner Day is recognized across our nation as the day to honor our Heroes together.
SSFOA assists in educating the public concerning the plight of these wounded, ill or dying heroes and provide many programs to aid in their progress. We sit on the VA Volunteer Service Advisory Board and work together with other troop organizations and groups to support in whatever way possible.  SSFOA is a not for profit, all volunteer org and depends totally on donations.  All donations and proceeds go toward the purchase of Silver Star Banners and assistance programs relating to SSFOA mission
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