Welcome! Please join me on my Mission to Support Patriots, Patriotism, and Our National Treasures!


Welcome to  the Support From Patriots Project!

What is this program all about? Americans are so willing to support great causes, but the problem is often knowing there is a need or a group that is trying to fill that need.  I am looking for charities that are consistent with the interests of  website, bingoforpatriots.com. It is all about the Founding, First Principles, and Patriotism!

Dictionary.com defines a patriot as: “a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.”

The Promoting Patriotism Project  blog showcases charities that promote the following:

American Patriotism

The United States Military & First Responders

The liberties guaranteed to us in the Constitution

Preservation of United States’ historic landmarks, monuments, and documents

Educating American youth about the Founding, First Principles, and the Founding Documents

Constitutional Conservatism and a return to our Founding Principles

All things American!

Please feel free to submit information about your favorite charity by clicking here!

Posts will showcase these charities, opportunities for your involvement, as well as feeds from other fundraising related sources. Be sure to subscribe to receive new posts!

There are people who are patriots! Do you know someone who is a patriot? It might be a person who serves our country, promotes or carries on the traditions of our country,  helps children learn about our country, or otherwise helps American to remain the Shining City on the Hill?

There are websites, businesses, and organizations that promote patriotism as well. They are filled with patriotic ideas, stories, information, and suggestions that encourage our country to be that Shining City on the Hill. Tell me where people can go to find these websites and businesses. Do you own one of them? Do you have a charity that is There’s no shame in promoting yourself or your business. Send me information, so I can share it with others. Are you holding a patriotic event? I’ll pass it along to the visitors of this site!

Of course, our country abounds with patriotic places. In fact, too many to mention. Which one is your favorite? Can you send me some interesting information about it.

Do you know of an educational website, like bingoforpatriots.com, that helps educate American youth about our great country? I’d love to hear about it!

Do you know of an organization that is working to restore the First Principles outlined by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights? I want to tell everyone about it!

Please send me information about this person, website,charity, or place  (including a picture if you have it) to susan@bingoforpatriots.com!. If I concur with your description, and the individual or business consents to a small pat on the back, I’ll feature them in my promoting patriotism project blog on this  website!